New Open MRI in Budapest Mammut Centre


Diagnoscan Hungary, member of the Affidea group and Hungary's largest provider of healthcare services, has expanded and renovated its fully private centre in the Mammut Shopping Mall in central Budapest.

Besides CT, mammography, ultrasound, X-rayand bone densitometry, patients will now have access to open MRI scans of arms and legs. The installed O-SCAN 0.3T machine is a unique, ergonomically developed, third generation, compactopen MRI. It is the most comfortable way to have limbs scanned, as patients do not have to go through the narrow MRI bore, which can cause claustrophobia.

In 2011 Diagnoscan Hungary was the first to install a CT machine outside a hospital setting. The centre has enjoyed high traffic ever since, with the demand for private diagnostic services growing in Hungary.

„Many people are afraid of having an MRI scan because the experience can be quite claustrophobic,” commented Dr Lilla Kardos, Chief Medical Officer of Diagnoscan Hungary. “Our open MRI machine provides an excellent solution to this problem for all scans of the limbs and joints, since onlythe arm or leg need go through the scanner. Joint pain, sports injuries, or damage to cartilage, ligaments, bones and joint tissue, arthritis, rheumatic pain and gout can all be diagnosed with the open MRI installed in our Mammut Centre, thus servicing partnerships with orthopedic, rheumatologist and sports doctors.”

Quick and accurate diagnoses of the limbs in the newly-refurbished Diagnoscan Hungary Centre

"We are delighted to announce the expansion of services in our Mammut Centre. Open MRI scans will now be available to all private patients. Our experience tells us that the demand for out-of-pocket healthcare services is increasing dramatically, including diagnostic investigations. We are aware of our patients’ expectations in this respect and, whilst publically financed examinations remain a priority, we plan to expand our private services systematically in the upcoming period."

Country Manager
Diagnoscan Hungary
Member of the Affidea Group