All New, Fully Private Centre in Hungary


Diagnoscan Magyarország, Member of the Affidea Group, has opened its third fully private centre in the capital city of Budapest this June. Following the success of its Mammut and Bank Center clinics, the country’s largest diagnostic imaging specialist has continued to focus its growth on the private market.

„One of our main aims is to bring diagnostic imaging services closer to the people who need it,” explained Diagnoscan CEO Dr Lilla Kardos. „This is the same reason why we created our very first centre in the MÁV Hospital over twenty years ago and why we have been able to establish a further 10centres since then. Most of these operate under public funding within hospitals, which are our key partners to this day. Their role is as strong as ever, however, we must respond to the growing demand for easily accessible private services, which is clearly perceptible throughout Hungary and in other countries. People are willing to pay for screening and diagnostic services in order to get faster, even more convenient treatment.”

The new centre on Megyeri Road in Budapest’s Újpest district, has a state-of-the-art mammography, a high end ultrasound, a modern, digital X-ray system and a full body bone densitometry machine. Medical Director and Chief Radiologist Dr. Erika Czerődi leads a team of six highly experienced, fully qualified diagnostic specialists as of June 10th. The centre will have the added benefit of a support network of experts in specific fields throughout the Diagnoscan and wider Affidea group.

"We have selected the diagnostic machines that are most in demand for our new centre, which will serve a catchment area of approximately 100,000 patients. In addition to the most frequent diagnostic services, we have developed several specialised screening packages to cater for the specific needs of various age and gender groups," announced Dr Erika Czerődi, Medical Director, Megyeri Centre.

Affidea Hungary - Key Figures

  • Affidea Hungary (known locally as Diagnoscan Magyarország) employs over 450 people
  • Affidea operations established in Hungary in 1991
  • Market leader
  • Opening of Megyeri Road Centre brings the total number of centres in the country to 11