Centre of the month: Featuring Affidea Piraeus and Vari



Synchronised seamlessly with the Greek Rebranding, the Vari and Piraeus centres were transformed according to the new Affidea Centre Design. Both were given a slick new look and a more ergonomic, user-centric layout, to the delight of staff and patients alike. Regional Manager and Project Lead Rita Lourbakou had this to say: “The biggest challenge for me as Project Leader was not to interrupt daily operations and at the same time to follow guidelines in a very short period of time. We managed to achieve this and were only out of operation one Saturday in order to replace a reception desk.”

“Our reward is the reaction of the patients, they love it. We had to face their questions, but as soon as they saw the difference, it was easy to convince them. We still have the same values and the same interest for them! Staff have reacted very positively and seem even more proud to work for Affidea. I can see it, I can hear it and I can feel it!”

Centre redesign affects both inside and out, replacing all external signage with Affidea branded features. Piraeus Assistant Manager Sammy Skoura said “The renovation left a very good impression on staff and patients. The first positive comments were about our new furniture and colours. Our patients felt the centre was much brighter and this improved their experience. They also pointed out that our new facilities are more functional for them. Our staff also felt great about the whole procedure and had a sense of belonging to a large and credible group. By improving their workplace they also felt an improvement in the quality of their work .”