Affidea Opens Brand New Centre in Greece


This month Affidea Greece is opening an entirely new centre in inner city Athens. The Dafni Diagnostic Centre is located opposite a busy metro station, just a stone’s throw from the bustling city centre and will perform ultrasound and laboratory examinations, primarily for the members of a small PHI, private health insurance group, whilst also being open to other private patients.

“The significance of successfully completing a Greenfield investment in the country’s current economic climate cannot be overemphasized,” commented Theodoros Karoutzos, CEO of Affidea Greece. “Doing any kind of business in Greece is challenging at the moment, but the underlying truth remains that people still need efficient healthcare services and, under the co-payment system, can afford the small fee for private treatment.”

Τhe need for specialised examinations, combined with Affidea's strong brand name, which is inextricably linked to trustworthy, high quality services, led to the creation of a customised section for children, with a specially designed blood collection room, as well as toys for their entertainment in the waiting area. This constitutes an additional competitive advantage in the area. Finally, the specialist medical and scientific staff, as well as the state-of-the-art equipment, guarantee the highest levels of medical care will be provided.

The centre is located in a shopping mall, just opposite one of the most crowded metro stations in Dafni. This metro station is the connecting point of all public transport from the centre to east Attica, while Athens city centre is approximately 7-8 minutes by metro.

Dafni Centre Operating Assumptions

After ramp up, the centre will perform 25 US examinations daily as well as 20 blood collections (i.e. 85 lab examinations) all private Assumed tariff is lower than the current tariffs in Athens
One technician, two admin and three doctors are employed 
The main direction is to offer laboratory and imaging services to all pediatric patients, from neonates to 16-year-olds