Ozone Therapy - Czech Republic


Ozone therapy is the initiative that has recently been introduced in Euromedic Czech Republic’s Mediscan Centre. The method uses the naturally occurring O3 gas (three molecules of oxygen or OO2) to treat a whole range of conditions, from slipped disks to asthma, due to its anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects.


Ozone therapy is a minimally invasive, percutaneous treatment method. It uses the bactericidal and virucidal properties of ozone gas, whilst having significant analgesic (painkiller) and anti-inflammatory effects, which additionally boost the immune system. It is applied to algic symptoms of various etiology, showing good results with chronic fatigue syndrome and certain post-operative conditions.

The effectiveness of the application is estimated at between 60-80%. For best results, accurate diagnosis is important, therefore prior examination by a specialist is needed, optionally followed by CT or MRI scan.

The method has limited or no contraindications. Complications are extremely rare and, when all conditions are in compliance, these too can be avoided.

Ozone therapy can be also used for painful joints when 2-5 ml of mixture (according to the joint size) is injected in sterile conditions directly into the joint. The mixture can be applied to tendons to treat tendinosis and painful muscle spasms as well.


How does Ozone Therapy work?
As a rule, medical ozone is applied in addition to other therapeutic methods and complements standard treatment modalities.
A special mixture is applied in sterile conditions under local anaesthesia with a spinal needle navigated by CT into the desired location.

Diseases treated by Ozone Therapy
A number of pathological conditions exist which can be influenced positively or even healed using ozone therapy: 
Circulatory disorders
Diseases of the eye
Malignant diseases (cancer)
Fungal skin infections and infected skin lesions
Infected wounds
Intestinal diseases: proctitis and colitis
Herpes simplex (facial herpes), herpes zoster (shingles)
Inflammatory processes of the liver
Inflammatory and degenerative joint conditions