The Launch of the Affidea Academy





July saw the launch of the much talked-about Affidea Academy, with two separate educational events kicking it off – the MRI Prostate Training Course in Budapest and the first-of-its-kind international Medical Physics Radiotherapy Workshop in Poznan, bringing together medical physicists from every Polish CTC centre with the team from Bosnia.

“The Academy will be so much more than a series of workshops,” commented Affidea Chief Medical Officer Dr Rowland Illing. “It is a conscious, strategic step forward to develop greater potential and internal expertise within the Affidea group. We want to show Affidea as being much more than a mere provider of standard imaging, leveraging the specialist skills we have accumulated within our network and creating a structured, educational system for the professional development of our own and also our partners’ clinical staff.”

The two dimensions of the Academy are; clinical education and leadership. Clinical education will be aimed at all members of the team – medical, physics, radiography & nursing. This marks a shift to focused, internal training of staff - rather than relying on external institutions - to deliver best-in-class education in our fields of operation. At the same time, wherever needed, external experts will be brought in to broaden the scope and provide key insights into the latest treatment methods.

“The Academy gives us the ability to partner with vendors, moving away from the traditional supplier-service provider relationship,” added Dr Illing. “It also has a leadership dimension, since we are looking to identify talent and groom future leaders from within our ranks.”

The MRI Prostate Training brought together 21 radiologists from 11 Affidea countries and, as a novel approach, was a hands-on workshop where radiologists had to manipulate images in real time. The Medical Physicists’ meeting was both theoretical and hands-on, focused on Linac quality control and patient plan verification for IMRT, VMAT, SRS and SBRT. “Linac quality control and patient plan verification are critical for the delivery of safe patient treatments. The Affidea Academy will provide continuous education to ensure everyone involved is adequately trained to deliver safe radiotherapy,” commented Affidea Chief Medical Physicist Katia Katsari.