The Affidea Sports and Lifestyle Initiative


Across Europe, Affidea is launching new initiatives developed at the spring Marketing Best Practices workshop in Warsaw, with the aim of increasing private revenues and spreading key company messages in line with the Affidea values. The idea is to introduce coordinated marketing campaigns across geographies based on best practices from individual countries.

The aim of the Sports and Lifestyle initiative is to align Affidea with a proactive, healthy lifestyle, where prevention is key. Regular screening is just a part of the message, which also reinforces Affidea’s fundamental statement of belief that “nothing is more important than health”.

An added benefit of sports events is that they tend to draw large crowds and are therefore ideal platforms to raise brand awareness and draw patients’ attention to the importance of timely screening and diagnosis.

This month, Affidea teams in Poland and Romania took part in high profile cancer charity fun runs in the cities of Gdynia and Poznań in Poland and Bucharest, Romania.

Affidea Polska CFO Anna Kozłowska decided that actions speak louder than words and joined team members in both Polish fun runs, finishing 14th place in Gdynia, an event dedicated to breast cancer awareness. “Our goal is to draw women's attention, both to the fact that breast cancer can happen to any of us, irrespective of age or genetic predisposition, and also to the fact that appropriate cancer prevention can save our lives,” she commented.

Violeta Istrate, Receptionist at the Affidea Fundeni Centre commented after her run, “It was a great experience, we ran to highlight the importance of sport for health, we had a lot of fun and I will certainly take part in any future initiatives of this kind because it’s great to be positive and active and talk about good health as something you can achieve.”