The Affidea Effect Spreads – CTO Keynote at GE Conference


Affidea’s Chief Technology Officer Zisis Sotiriou was invited to be a keynote speaker at GE’s “Healthcare Europe’s Sales” conference held in Athens this month. The conference was attended by 350 invited guests, industry leaders from every business leg of the European healthcare market.

“It is a sign of Affidea’s growing presence as a brand on the wider healthcare market and an expert in its specialist field that we are regularly asked to attend these high profile events and offer our insight into both medical and business aspects of diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy,” commented Mr Sotiriou. “No other company in Europe does this on the same scale as Affidea and we have always striven to leverage that scope to do things more effectively, efficiently and thus become leaders in care standardisation and healthcare management.”

The emphasis in Mr Sotiriou’s keynote address was on technology and partnership. Affidea has nurtured long-standing partnerships with its main suppliers, treating these relationships as cooperative rather than a transactional. This has led to significant mutual benefits, such as the development of better equipment through key user insights and the sharing of knowledge. Affidea has had access to the latest technology around which it has developed new practices and protocols, such as Dose and MRI Excellence.

“In terms of technology acquisition, we work with companies who are more than just suppliers, they have become our partners. We work together to achieve four key strategic initiatives – business alignment, communication, project management and processes. This is the foundation for sustainable, win-win partnerships, since it is the common interest of both parties to find end-to-end solutions with proven outcomes. In this way, we work with partners such as GE to reach standardised outcomes at lower unit cost, to develop innovative project management, such as lean thinking during implementation, and to match technology with educational programmes for greater utilisation and impact,” added the CTO.