Houston Methodist And Affidea: Building on our Cancer Care Knowledge



As a three and a half year affiliation draws to an end, the Houston Methodist and Affidea teams met in Istanbul from 25 to 27 May at their 5th Workshop to conclude current evidence-based treatment protocols and recapitulate the main achievements of the affiliation.

This Workshop also stands out as the one that attracted the largest number of participants since the Turkish teams from Adana and Sisli hospitals joined Polish and Bosnian team members.

During the Workshop, medical teams exchanged information and shared expertise on best practices in Lung and GU cases, while the Turkish team contributed with their GYN case and QA presentations. The physics input during the workshop focused on ensuring patient safety and best practices for the treatment of Lung and GU cancer patients, as well as the accuracy of computational algorithms.

The management teams participated in a Search session, which focused on the global cancer situation and potential markets. Additionally, the team held a brainstorming session on possible future scopes of affiliation in light of the experience emanating from the present cooperation.

On the last day of the event, the Medical Advisory Board met to review the accomplishments of the affiliation and discuss the potential path forward.

Champions of World Class Cancer Care

The five Affidea champions, Dr Oliver Arsovski, Dr IwonaWlodarska-Polinska, Dr Edward Skrocki, Dr GoranMarosevic and Dr SlavicaMaric were all recognised for their dedication and hard work in developing protocols, and their continued efforts to serve as internal experts for Affidea.

Our vision was to revolutionise Affidea’ s cancer care by introducing evidence-based medicine and standardising treatments based on proven best practices. Our goal - to make Affidea a beacon of quality in cancer care across Europe.

Mr Marijan Bilic

General Manager Balkans