Dose Excellence Published in Medical Journal



The Affidea Dose Excellence Campaign, launched back in March 2014 and since rolled out to seven countries of operation, will be published in the November issue of the medical journal

“We were delighted to be invited to publish in this wide-reaching medical journal,” commented Katia Katsari, Affidea’s Chief Medical Physicist and Dose Excellence Project Leader. “It means serious professional exposure for the Dose Excellence Campaign and therefore marks another milestone achievement for us.” has a store of 40,000 published articles and is supported by over 50 professional associations. The article, authored by MsKatsari and Affidea CMO Dr Rowland Illing, will reach a wide-ranging, interested network of medical professionals.

Affidea launched its pioneering Dose Excellence Campaign, an initiative to create and implement dose and image quality optimisedCT protocols throughout the company network, 18 months ago. Since then, the campaign has been rolled out to Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Switzerland, and since August in Turkey. In these countries, every CT machine in an Affidea centre has unified CT protocols, whilst dose monitoring software has been installed to track dose and other parameters to assist in the optimisation process. The tools offered and the analysis of the vast amount of data collected has already lead to improvements in the performance of CT scans. All this is done to protect the patient from unnecessary exposure to radiation dose and to assure the high quality of scans throughout the network.

Nothing like this has ever been done on such a scale before, we are literally making medical history by unifying CT dose protocols on such a scale. Through our international network of diagnostic imaging centres, we will accumulate a vast data set that will not only optimise exposure for patients but create a huge resource for ongoing academic activity.

Dr Rowland Illing
Affidea Chief Medical Officer