Affidea Welcomes Ernesto Bertarelli and Waypoint to Budapest


Affidea was honoured to welcome Mr Ernesto Bertarelli, the Chairman of Waypoint Capital, which manages our shareholder’s investment in our company, and his Board of Directors to Budapest this month. Waypoint decided to host their first annual board meeting in Budapest, which gave Affidea top management the pleasure of greeting Mr Bertarelli and our now familiar board members and giving them a glimpse of our operations at ground level.

The Waypoint Board were able to visit two centres – the flagship, fully private Bank Centre and the thriving Péterfy Trauma Centre, which is hospital-based and conforms to the Affidea model of private-public service.

“We were very proud to show our shareholders these facilities and introduce some members of our team,” commented Dimitris Moulavasilis CEO, Affidea. “Both centres do outstanding jobs, serving the entire spectrum of Affidea patients. Both facilities stand out in their environments for their efficient services, high medical standards and modern service settings.”

Mr Bertarelli commented: “It was a great pleasure to be hosted by Dimitris and his team in Budapest and to be given the opportunity to tour these two really very impressive centres. Our investment in Affidea is one that we are very proud of. Meeting the expert, passionate people and seeing the unrivalled facilities just reinforced for us what a remarkable company Affidea is and what potential it has for the future.”