Affidea Prominent at this year’s European Congress of Radiology


The European Congress of Radiology is the key European event of the year for the radiology profession. With over 20,000 relevant professional participants, over 1,500 lectures and 2,700 posters presenting medical research findings, all in just 5 days, it is the biggest live platform for the industry, which makes up 78% of Affidea’s business.

It was only natural therefore, that Affidea would have a strong presence at the congress, though this year surpassed anything that had gone before. First of all, key members of the executive team took part in the event for the entire week – including CEO Dimitris Moulavasilis, Chief Medical Officer Dr Rowland Illing and Chief Technology Officer Zisis Sotiriou, as well as Chief Medical Physicist Katia Katsari. Dr Illing was invited to present the Dose Excellence Programme at GE’s Thursday evening Gala Round Table Event, whilst Ms Katsari presented research findings as part of the official ECR programme, along with two of our radiologists who carried out the research, Dr Nasia Papachristodoulou from the Thessaloniki Centre in Greece and Dr Gábor Volford from the Péterfy Centre in Hungary.

Affidea’s CEO was interviewed for the official ECR newsletter and heavily quoted in GE’s online newsroom The Pulse (you can read both articles at and respectively).

Dr Illing provided his own insights on the official ECR blog (, whilst key Affidea advisor and Leader of the MRI Excellence Project, Dr Nikos Papanikolaou, had three separate presentations on the official schedule.

“I believe that our presence at an event like ECR is a must,” Mr Moulavasilis commented, “but this year our ambition was to make a real impact and spread the word that Affidea is a company with a strong agenda, at the cutting edge of this industry and with a lot to offer both patients and professionals alike. I am extremely proud of the teams who presented here and the initiatives that were so carefully developed by them, which now make us stand out as pioneers. These are great achievements and a great setting in which to present them.”