Affidea presents Dose Excellence at ECR 2015



The European Congress of Radiology, the biggest event of the year for the European radiology society, was held in Vienna between March 4-8th and attracted over 20,000 participants from the industry and related fields.

Affidea was given a presentation slot at the prestigious event, where Chief Medical Physicist and Leader of the Dose Excellence Campaign, Katia Katsari, presented “Deploying a dose management strategy across multiple sites”. Ms Katsari discussed the challenges of implementing a uniform Dose Management Strategy in different centres with different machines across entirely different geographies.

“One key difficulty is the difference in CT dose perception, both within and beyond professional circles. For instance, radiologists of different generations often have diverse views.”

These obstacles can be overcome by creating a Dose Awareness Culture, in which both medical and non-medical staff are fully informed of the Affidea dose management policy and receive training and materials to achieve buy-in. There are assigned Dose Teams at all levels of the organisation (HQ, country team and site team) consisting of Radiologists, Radiographers, Medical Physicists and Project Leaders, as well as an IT leader. These teams facilitate continuous communication of the Dose Excellence Campaign milestones and future goals, as well as providing a support network.

“Katia’s presentation was very well received, she was immediately approached by the International Atomic Agency to join their conference next month. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to present the Dose Excellence Campaign at such an important event.”

Zoltán Szepesi
COO Diagnostics

Scope of Dose Management System

  • CT Multi-slice ≥ 6 detector rows
  • 6 countries
  • 36 CT sites
  • 3 CT manufacturers
  • 12 CT models
  • 27 CT systems with dose

Reduction algorithms

  • 53 radiologists
  • 70 radiographers
  • 11 anatomic areas
  • 29 CT protocols
  • 22.000 examinations on average per month