Affidea at Major Private Healthcare Forum in China



Affidea took its seat alongside the world’s leading private healthcare companies to discuss participation in healthcare delivery within the Chinese healthcare system.

Affidea was honoured to participate in the high level forum hosted by GE in Shanghai last month. CFO Bence Várady-Szabó was a guest speaker on a select panel, invited to discuss private healthcare services’ provision and the company’s successful, international PPP model, in front of an audience of hundreds of key Chinese delegates.

“There is a huge potential to develop an advanced PPP-based care delivery system in China, providing high quality, standardised outpatient services on a vast scale,” observed Mr Várady-Szabó. “We would be delighted to take these talks further and demonstrate some of our major achievements over the last 20 years, both in terms of technical development and digital connectivity, as well as our pioneering patient safety initiatives and clinical protocols.”

China has no GPs as such and service is strongly hospital based. At the same time, private health insurance is in its infancy, though growing. This means both huge possibilities, on a market with the world’s largest population, as well as numerous challenges in introducing systematic reforms. China has presented a 5-year plan to implement change, envisioning a mostly state-financed system with extensive private care delivery and PPP contracts.

“I believe a partnership with China would be highly beneficial to both sides, providing Chinese patients with proven methods of high quality healthcare services, whilst giving us the growth leverage we seek.”