Digitizing healthcare: Affidea launches new digital tools in its network to improve patient experience and boost operations workflow
2019.01.16 Digitizing healthcare: Affidea launches new digital tools in its network to improve patient experience and boost operations workflow
Affidea celebrates International Day of Radiology – by looking to the future
2018.11.08 Affidea celebrates International Day of Radiology – by looking to the future. November 8th is a historic date for healthcare. On this date, 123 years ago, Wilhelm Röntgen discovered the existence of x-rays, a medical and scientific breakthrough that changed our ability to diagnose and treat patients across the globe.
Giuseppe Recchi, Affidea CEO: Happy International Day of Radiology!
2018.11.08 This is an important opportunity to celebrate the millions of lives we save every year, but also to highlight the exceptional work that we all undertake on a daily basis at Affidea.
Building a patient-centric culture in a multinational healthcare provider
2018.10.31 The Affidea Experience - Today, healthcare providers are facing numerous pressures and a hypercompetitive environment in which they should respond to patient needs in a personalised way.
Giuseppe Recchi, CEO Affidea, in HBI about the company's plans for growth
2018.09.27 Giuseppe Recchi, Affidea CEO, speaks for HBI about the company’s foray into outpatient care, the state of AI, and plans for the future.
New Affidea centres on Eurosafe Wall of Stars
2018.05.30 10 Affidea centres have recently been awarded "5 Stars" on the Eurosafe Wall.
HBI Interview: Giuseppe Recchi, CEO and Rowland Illing, CMO, Affidea
2018.05.22 Affidea CEO, Giuseppe Recchi, and Prof Rowland Illing, CMO, spoke about Affidea's strategy for future growth, for Healthcare Business International.
Affidea grows in Portugal and expands into teleradiology
2018.05.02 Affidea grows in Portugal and expands into teleradiology
Affidea Lithuania awarded "AON Best Employer Baltics 2017"
2018.03.12 Affidea is proud to announce that Affidea Lithuania has been awarded ‘AON Best Employer Baltics 2017’.
Affidea grows in Ireland and opens new ExpressCare Clinic
2018.02.19 Affidea, Europe’s leading diagnostic imaging provider, is investing in Ireland and today officially opened its first ExpressCare clinic in the Elysian building in Cork City. ExpressCare clinic in Cork will provide high quality treatment for patients with minor injuries and illnesses, offering an alternative to a traditional hospital setting.
Affidea Group acquires Hungarian outpatient provider Főnix-Med
2018.02.06 Affidea Group, the leading European provider of diagnostic imaging and outpatient care services, announces that it has successfully completed the acquisition of Főnix-Med, an important Hungarian corporate healthcare and retail outpatient service provider.
Affidea Group appoints new Chief Executive Officer
2018.01.25 The Board of the Affidea Group BV are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Giuseppe Recchi as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Group, effective immediately.
Affidea Group sells its operations in Bulgaria
2017.07.17 Affidea Group is to leave the Bulgarian market and sell all of its local centres to Bulgarian healthcare provider, Euromedica.
Affidea Group completes the acquisition of Hiperdia in Romania
2017.06.06 The addition of Hiperdia to Affidea’s network significantly expands the company’s footprint in the country and covers most of the regions in Romania
Affidea completes the acquisition of Q Diagnostic and enters the Spanish Market
2017.02.15 Affidea Group, the leading Pan-European provider of diagnostic imaging and cancer treatment services, announces that, after receiving all necessary regulatory approvals, it has successfully completed the acquisition of a 100% stake in Q Diagnostica from Alantra Private Equity. With this, Affidea enters the Spanish market and reinforces its position in Europe.
Centre of the month: Featuring Affidea Piraeus and Vari
2016.07.29 Synchronised seamlessly with the Greek Rebranding, the Vari and Piraeus centres were transformed according to the new Affidea Centre Design.
Irish Health Minister Opens Affidea Letterkenny
2016.07.22 Affidea Ireland is making good on its commitment to invest further in Irish diagnostic healthcare services and expand its reach by opening a new, multimodality greenfield centre in Letterkenny this month.
Brand Activation: Affidea Sponsors Major Sports Events in Ireland and Portugal
2016.07.15 Whether it is the Rock n Roll Half Marathon (a global brand originating in the US), the World Medical Football Championships (what European Cup?) or Setúbal European Capital of Sport, Affidea is present as a major sponsor, deploying brand activation and supporting these huge, crowd-drawing sports events, as part of its commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle and proactive approach to healthcare and prevention.
The Affidea Effect Spreads – CTO Keynote at GE Conference
2016.07.14 Affidea’s Chief Technology Officer Zisis Sotiriou was invited to be a keynote speaker at GE’s “Healthcare Europe’s Sales” conference held in Athens this month. The conference was attended by 350 invited guests, industry leaders from every business leg of the European healthcare market.
The Launch of the Affidea Academy
2016.07.05 July saw the launch of the much talked-about Affidea Academy, with two separate educational events kicking it off – the MRI Prostate Training Course in Budapest and the first-of-its-kind international Medical Physics Radiotherapy Workshop in Poznan, bringing together medical physicists from every Polish CTC centre with the team from Bosnia.
A Heartfelt Rebranding in Greece
2016.07.01 On 25th June, Greece became the 13th country of operations to rebrand and join the Affidea family. In true Greek style, the summer event was held on a beautiful beach just outside Athens, with blue cocktails, fire-eaters and dance shows to usher in the new era of Affidea Greece.
The Affidea Sports and Lifestyle Initiative
2016.06.20 Across Europe, Affidea is launching new initiatives developed at the spring Marketing Best Practices workshop in Warsaw, with the aim of increasing private revenues and spreading key company messages in line with the Affidea values.
Affidea CEO at Executive GE Conference
2016.06.15 Affidea CEO Dimitris Moulavasilis was a keynote speaker at the Minds + Machines Europe GE Digital Foundry Inauguration conference in Paris this month.
The Renewed Affidea Čavka Centre
2016.05.25 Affidea Croatia is one of the latest countries to rebrand its services just last month. Along with the rebranding came the complete refurbishment of the centre in Zagreb – Affidea Čavka.
Affidea Lithuania’s Strategic Expansion
2016.05.17 Affidea Lietuva is expanding its predominantly MRI-based offering to include advanced CT services in Northern Lithuania, reaching out to a catchment area of half a million patients in the Šiauliai and Panėvežys counties in a move that will reduce waiting lists exponentially.
Affidea Debuts at this Year’s ESTRO Congress
2016.05.05 In 2016, for the first time, Affidea had its own, dedicated booth at ESTRO – the congress of the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology - this year held in Turin, Northern Italy. As part of the strategy to increase its presence on the cancer treatment and radiotherapy market, Affidea made its debut at ESTRO with a fully branded booth and a team of representatives engaging in high level networking talks and attracting new business.
Affidea at Major Private Healthcare Forum in China
2016.05.02 Affidea took its seat alongside the world’s leading private healthcare companies to discuss participation in healthcare delivery within the Chinese healthcare system.
Affidea Opens Specialist Cardiac CT Centre in Kozani
2016.04.25 Affidea is branching out in Northern Greece and adding a third centre to its collection in Kozani. In addition to the multimodality diagnostic and lab centres, there will now be a specialist cardiac CT centre, also performing private US examinations.
Portugal rebrands!
2016.04.22 Following swiftly on from Croatia, Portugal soon became the next addition to the Affidea family as the country rebranded its operations.
Croatia rebrands!
2016.04.11 The second Friday of April was particularly long-awaited by Croatian staff, as headquarters invited the teams to a party to celebrate the rebranding of Croatian operations and the start of the new era of Affidea Croatia.
Affidea Ireland Sponsors Kilkenny Hurling Club
2016.03.16 Affidea Ireland proudly announced its continued sponsorship of the, Danesfort GAA hurling club in Kilkenny by presenting the team with all-new sports kits this month.
Affidea Welcomes Ernesto Bertarelli and Waypoint to Budapest
2016.03.11 Affidea was honoured to welcome Mr Ernesto Bertarelli, the Chairman of Waypoint Capital, which manages our shareholder’s investment in our company, and his Board of Directors to Budapest this month.
Affidea Prominent at this year’s European Congress of Radiology
2016.03.07 The European Congress of Radiology is the key European event of the year for the radiology profession. With over 20,000 relevant professional participants, over 1,500 lectures and 2,700 posters presenting medical research findings, all in just 5 days, it is the biggest live platform for the industry, which makes up 78% of Affidea’s business.
Affidea Opens State-of-the-Art Centre in Setúbal, Portugal
2016.03.02 Affidea Portugal has begun the process of rebranding by opening the very first centre designed according to new company guidelines, to be released later this year. The stunning pilot version of the ultra modern design has sparked interest throughout the local region in Portugal, as well as the wider Affidea network.
Affidea Legnica Reinvents Itself
2016.02.15 The Affidea diagnostic centre located in the Letia Technology Park in Legnica was recently opened to patients. The facility offers high-quality diagnostic tests in computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasonography, as well as X-ray examinations.
Has Affidea Polska Found the Recipe for Life?
2016.02.04 Each year, more than 17,000 new breast cancer cases are reported in Poland, leading to over 5,600 deaths, many of which are primarily due to late detection. But what does all this have to do with baking bread?
Warsaw Mummy Project – Did Cancer Exist in the Ancient World?
2016.01.04 This interdisciplinary science project, launched in Affidea Polska’s Otwock Centre, explores the secrets of the unopened sarcophagus of an ancient Egyptian mummy and 41 other artefacts and has captured the imagination of thousands across Europe and the world.
Another First - VetScan Opens in Hungary
2015.12.17 This month in Hungary, Affidea (known locally as Diagnoscan) has opened the country’s first ever diagnostic centre dedicated entirely to animals!
Affidea Italy Rebrands in Style
2015.12.14 The second Friday of December was particularly long-awaited by Italian staff as headquarters invited the teams to a massive party to celebrate the rebranding of Italian operations and the start of the new era of Affidea Italy.
Affidea Invited to Present Lean Management in Heraklion
2015.12.10 The Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised an event to present efficient management tools that can support companies in challenging environments to the local business community. Affidea was invited to present their lean management techniques and show how the lean journey has supported the performance of the company.
Affidea Polska Acquires Radiologica Centres
2015.11.17 Affidea Polska has just announced its successful acquisition of the three specialist diagnostic centres NZOZ Diagnosis-Radom, NZOZ Radiologica-Rzeszów and NZOZ Diagnosis-Krosno. Thus the company has reinforced its position in Masovia and extended its coverage to the Subcarpathian region, where it has not been present up to now.
Dose Excellence Published in Medical Journal
2015.11.15 The Affidea Dose Excellence Campaign, launched back in March 2014 and since rolled out to seven countries of operation, will be published in the November issue of the medical journal
Affidea Opens First Ever Greenfield Centre in Switzerland
2015.11.10 The very latest Affidea centre has just opened in the Swiss city of Visp, near the existing Brig centre. The opening of the new Visp site marks an important occasion in the development of Swiss operations – it is Affidea’s first ever greenfield in Switzerland, all the preceding Swiss sites were acquisitions of existing centres.
Irish PM Attends Affidea Rebranding Event
2015.11.05 The rebranding events in Ireland this month caused somewhat of a sensation, with Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny joining Affidea’s leadership in the celebrations.
“You don’t notice us.” Patient Video Campaign in Poland
2015.10.31 An important social campaign presenting stories of cancer patients who were treated in Affidea CTC Wałbrzych, Poland.
Affidea Turkey Rebrands its Operations
2015.10.17 The rebranding event in Turkey was attended by several members of Affidea’s top management, including Vice President CEE and CEO Turkey Mr Emir Aslan Özler and Vice President Strategy and Business Development Mrs Jasna Omeragic-Resic, as well as Brand Strategist Mr Peter Economides.
Child-Friendly PET CT in IRMET Centre, Italy
2015.10.08 In its eleventh year, Affidea’s IRMET Centre in Italy never ceases to surprise and innovate. The latest development is the creation of a child-friendly PET CT examination.
Affidea Supports ESOR Geneva
2015.10.03 Affidea is proud to support the European School of Radiology annual Asklepios Multi-Modality Course aimed at radiologists, general practitioners and final year residents who wish to update their knowledge of new applications and optimise protocols in diagnostic imaging.
Affidea Czech Republic Rebrands it Operations
2015.10.01 October 1st was the official date for rebranding Affidea Czech Republic and an historic moment for the company.
Affidea Appoints Dr Rowland Illing as Chief Medical Officer
2015.09.28 As of September 28th, Affidea is delighted to welcome its new Chief Medical Officer, Dr Rowland Illing. Dr Illing is a highly qualified radiologist with an extensive list of significant academic qualifications, all of which focus on radiology and diagnostic imaging.
Affidea Bosnia Rebrands its Operations
2015.09.22 “Bosnia has joined the Affidea group by rebranding its operations,” declared Mr Marijan Bilic, GM Balkan Region.
New Open MRI in Budapest Mammut Centre
2015.09.21 Diagnoscan Hungary, member of the Affidea group and Hungary's largest provider of healthcare services, has expanded and renovated its fully private centre in the Mammut Shopping Mall in central Budapest.
Affidea Romania Acquires 4 More Centres
2015.09.03 On the 1st September, Affidea Romania announced its successful takeover of the Phoenix Group in the cities of Cluj-Napoca, Piatra Neamt, Deva and Medias, thus expanding its local market presence with 4 more diagnostic imaging centres.
Affidea CEO Attends IS3R Symposium
2015.08.30 From August 27-29th the International Society for Strategic Studies in Radiology held their eleventh biennial symposium in Amsterdam. The exclusive event, which is open only to academic and industry leaders, was attended by Affidea CEO Dimitris Moulavasilis, who was invited to make a presentation on Affidea’s Big Data Initiatives, in line with this year’s theme of Drugs, Bytes and Standards: The Future of Radiology.
New technology in Affidea Romania
2015.08.10 As of August 2015, Romanian patients have access to one of the best, most precise and safest PET-CTs in Central and Eastern Europe, the Discovery IQ from GE, recently installed in the Affidea Fundeni Centre. Meanwhile, Affidea Romania completed its range of high-performance medical imaging services by installing the most advanced 1.5 Tesla MRI in the West of the country.
Affidea Cancer Treatment Centre in Bosnia Turns 5
2015.08.02 Banja Luka Centre for Radiotherapy, the first Affidea centre established in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been providing services for oncology patients in the Republic of Srpska for five years this August.
New Centre Opens in Lithuania
2015.07.31 On July 31st, a new medical diagnostic centre of the Affidea Lithuania branch opened its doors in Kaunas, the second largest city in the country.
Affidea Romania Acquires Three New Centres
2015.07.02 On Thursday 2nd July Affidea Romania announced its takeover of the SANMED Group, the largest provider of medical services in the Oltenia region.
Group CEO and Switzerland Country Manager Joint Interview
2015.06.28 As Switzerland joins the list of countries rebranded to Affidea in the corporate network, Group CEO, Dimitris Moulavasilis, and CEO of Affidea Switzerland, Ralph Hefti, give an interview to Tribune de Genève, detailing the company rebranding strategy, which goes hand in hand with its ambitious expansion plans.
Switzerland Rebrands to Affidea
2015.06.26 On the 26th June Affidea Switzerland became the fifth country to rebrand its operations. The occasion was marked by an elegant, low key event and dinner at the Swatch group’s “La Cité du Temps” events’ centre in the heart of Geneva.
New, High Tech PET-CT in Poznań
2015.06.24 Cancer study in 4-5 minutes instead of 20? Imaging/detecting changes of 2-3mm? Yes, it is possible thanks to the ultramodern PET-CT scanner, which became operational in Affidea Poznań as of June 24th.
Lithuania rebrands to Affidea
2015.06.13 Affidea’s operations in Lithuania officially rebranded on Saturday, June 13th with a huge family and social event to mark the occasion.
All New, Fully Private Centre in Hungary
2015.06.10 Diagnoscan Magyarország, Member of the Affidea Group, has opened its third fully private centre in the capital city of Budapest this June. Following the success of its Mammut and Bank Center clinics, the country’s largest diagnostic imaging specialist has continued to focus its growth on the private market.
Romania Rebrands to Affidea
2015.06.09 The rebranding event in Romania was attended by several members of Affidea’s top management, including Group CEO Dimitris Moulavasilis, CFO Bence Várady-Szabó, Vice President CEE Mr Emir Aslan Özler as well as Director of Affidea shareholder Waypoint Capital, Mr Richard Broyd.
Houston Methodist And Affidea: Building on our Cancer Care Knowledge
2015.05.27 As a three and a half year affiliation draws to an end, the Houston Methodist and Affidea teams met in Istanbul from 25 to 27 May at their 5th Workshop to conclude current evidence-based treatment protocols and recapitulate the main achievements of the affiliation.
Affidea Opens Brand New Centre in Greece
2015.05.22 This month Affidea Greece is opening an entirely new centre in inner city Athens. The Dafni Diagnostic Centre is located opposite a busy metro station, just a stone’s throw from the bustling city centre and will perform ultrasound and laboratory examinations, primarily for the members of a small PHI, private health insurance group, whilst also being open to other private patients.
Affidea Women Join Massive Cancer Charity Run in Portugal
2015.05.22 On May 22nd in Portugal, approximately 30,000 women took up the fight against breast cancer by running or walking 5km in Lisbon and Oporto. These two cities showed an equal commitment to this important cause, with about 15,000 all-female participants in each.
Affidea CEO Attends IFC Global Private Health Conference
2015.05.20 Affidea CEO Mr Dimitris Moulavasilis took part in an international conference of private healthcare leaders from 215 companies worldwide.
Affidea Hungary wins Business Superbrands recognition
2015.05.15 This year, for the eighth time, the Business Superbrands jury, currently consisting of 18 independent expert members, met to decide which brands would receive Business Superbrands recognition, based on the Bisnode professional database.
Affidea Acquires the Vista Centre in Ireland
2015.05.14 Affidea's operations in Ireland (yet to rebrand) have successfully completed the acquisition of the business of Vista Medical Imaging Naas Co. Kildare. With the acquisition of the business of Vista Medical Imaging, Affidea has further strengthened its No 1 position for private diagnostic scanning in the Irish market.
The latest CTC technology at Affidea Turkey
2015.04.20 Tomotherapy is the newest addition to Affidea’s state-of-the-art Baskent University Centre in Adana, Southern Turkey. The centre, which already operates the latest oncological technology, i.e. high end Linear Accelerators and the Gamma Knife, has now expanded to provide a unique range of cancer treatment services in the region.
Affidea presents Dose Excellence at ECR 2015
2015.03.06 The European Congress of Radiology, the biggest event of the year for the European radiology society, was held in Vienna between March 4-8th and attracted over 20,000 participants from the industry and related fields.
Affidea acquires Ve.Di. Group in Italy
2015.02.04 On 4th  February 2015,  Affidea successfully completed the acquisition of Ve.Di Gruppo Sanitario, one of the largest private healthcare providers in Northern Italy, specialising in diagnostic imaging, laboratory and outpatient medical services.
Interview with new Chairman Richard Smith
Euromedic Launches Major Rebrand
2015.01.21 20th January 2015: Euromedic, the leading pan-European provider of healthcare services, has today announced a major rebranding, selecting Affidea as its new global brand name.
A new name built on long established values
Purchase of Euromedic International receives clearance from competition authorities and completes
2014.12.16 London, 16th December, 2014: Waypoint Capital (“Waypoint”) and Euromedic International (“Euromedic” or “the Company”) have received competition clearance from the Turkish and Polish authorities allowing for the completion of the recent transaction which will see Waypoint take full responsibility for Euromedic.
Ozone Therapy - Czech Republic
2014.11.27 Ozone therapy is the initiative that has recently been introduced in Euromedic Czech Republic’s Mediscan Centre. The method uses the naturally occurring O3 gas (three molecules of oxygen or OO2) to treat a whole range of conditions, from slipped disks to asthma, due to its anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects
Houston Methodist and Euromedic triumph of a three year affiliation
2014.10.20 The Fourth EMI-HM Workshop was held in Wroclaw, Poland, from 13-15th October. Prof. Brian Butler from The Methodist Hospital (TMH) in Houston together with his team of radiotherapy experts, yet again worked with Euromedic specialists from Poland and Bosnia on developing cancer treatment standards – this time, focusing on lung and prostate cancers.
Montagu Private Equity announces the sale of its share in Euromedic to Ares Life Sciences
2014.09.30 Montagu Private Equity LLP (“Montagu”), one of Europe’s longest established private equity firms, today announced the sale of its holding in Euromedic International (“Euromedic” or “the Company”), the largest pan-European medical services provider, to Ares Life Sciences (“Ares”), an investment partnership of Waypoint Capital and the current majority owner of the Company. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The transaction is expected to complete in 2014, subject to customary regulatory approvals.
Waypoint Capital and Montagu Private Equity agree Euromedic sale - Waypoint Capital will purchase Euromedic International
2014.09.30 London, 30 September, 2014: Waypoint Capital ("Waypoint") and Montagu Private Equity ("Montagu") have agreed terms for Montagu to sell its entire holding in Euromedic International ("Euromedic" or "the Company") to Waypoint. Through its investment partnership, Ares Life Sciences, Waypoint is already the majority investor in Euromedic and will now assume full ownership.