In October 2011, Affidea, then Euromedic, began operations in Lithuania after its acquisition of Medea Diagnostika Group (MDG), the leading diagnostics imaging services company in the Baltic States. The acquisition included six diagnostics service centers located in four major cities -- the capital city of Vilnius and Panevezys, with two centers each, and a center in both Siauliai and Druskininkai. The centers provide a variety of services including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT), X-Rays, Mammography, Ultrasound examinations and medical specialist consultations.

The acquired company had a distinguished reputation based on its history of providing high-quality services for more than six years. Beginning in 2005, the group launched its business with the operation of two MRI scanners in the two largest hospitals in Siauliai and Panevezys. In 2006, the third center was opened in Druskininkai, Lithuania, with another state-of-the-art MRI scanner.

In 2008, the company took an important step with its fourth center in Vilnius, operating in the Republican Vilnius University Hospital and providing MRI and CT services. Due to the application of the successful Public-Private Partnership (PPP) concept and the highly-qualified specialists on its staff, more than 10,000 MRI exams were conducted that year alone.

In 2009, the group expanded its activity by opening a department in the Vilnius Oncology Institute.

In 2011, the group performed 39, 117 MRI and 4,686 CT exams, mostly paid from the state’s Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) and partially paid directly by the patients (representing approximately 4 percent of the total number of tests).

In 2015, Affidea established a greenfield MRI centre in Kaunas, the second biggest city in Lithuania, where a 1.5T MRI has been installed.

Today, Affidea is one of the most successful institutions of medical diagnostic services in Lithuania. It covers one third of the MRI market in Lithuania in terms of installed number of MRI scanners, and more than 50 percent of the market in terms of accomplished MRI exams. The success of the company is determined by over 100 employees, approximately a quarter of whom are highly-skilled and nationally-respected radiologists and another quarter who are highly-qualified radiology technicians.

Affidea is dedicated to providing informative and timely medical care to all citizens of the Republic of Lithuania. Through its network of centers, Affidea aims to be the premiere provider of the most technologically-advanced medical diagnostic services in Lithuania, where high quality healthcare and accessibility are always ensured. 

Centre Locations:

Address: Antakalnio str. 57, Vilnius
Centre manager: Kristina Dirzanauskiene
Phone: +370 5 270 0010
Email: registratura.vap[at]

Address: Siltnamiu str. 29, Vilnius
Centre manager: Laima Kasperiuniene
Phone: +370 52461588
Fax: +370 52461589
Email: registratura.mdv[at]

Address: Santariskiu str. 1, Vilnius
Centre manager: Kristina Dirzanauskiene
Phone: +370 52328435
Email: registratura.vmk[at]

Address: Savanoriu ave. 184, Kaunas
Centre manager: Neringa Ziedeliene
Phone: +370 37 787735
Fax: +370 37 787737
Email: registratura.mdk[at]

Address: Josvainiu str. 2, Kaunas
Centre manager: Neringa Ziedeliene
Phone: +370 37 367977
Email: registratura.mdk2[at]

Address: Smelynes str. 25, Panevezys
Centre manager: Deimante Konciuviene
Phone: +370 45463443
Fax: +370 45463443
Email: registratura.pbmr[at]

Address: Nemuno str. 75
Centre manager: Deimante Konciuviene
Phone: +370 45 401931
Fax: +370 45 401931
Email: registratura.klinika[at]

Address: V. Kudirkos str. 99, Siauliai
Centre manager: Ruta Sedziute - Bruziene
Phone: +370 41399465
Fax: +370 41399465
Email: registratura.sbmr[at]

Address: Aukstakalnio str. 3, Utena
Centre manager : Kristina Bociuliene
Phone: +370 640 68497
Email: utena[at]

Address: Sveikatos str. 34, Druskininkai
Centre manager : Lina Viselgiene
Phone: +370 31345969
Fax: +370 31345969
Email: registratura.mdd[at]

Address: Konstitucijos ave. 7, Vilnius
CEO assistant: Juste Songailiene
Phone: +370 682 47272
Email: juste.songailiene[at]