November 2005 marked the onset of operations for Affidea in Greece. Affidea's subsidiary company, Affidea Evroiatriki, began its operations aiming to penetrate the private diagnostic imaging and clinical laboratories market through the acquisition of existing businesses, which were then subsequently equipped and modernized. Affidea's know-how and corporate culture is introduced and applied in these enterprises.

Currently, Affidea owns and operates an extensive network of diagnostic centres, which are established in model medical facilities with the highest standards of safety, comfort and aesthetics. These centres are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, staffed by top doctors in every field and connected with the most advanced telemedicine & PACS system in Greece.

1. The first multimodality diagnostic centre, Affidea Kalamata, became a member of the group in December 2005 and was fully modernized – both in terms of building facilities and medical equipment – at the beginning of 2006.
Currently, Affidea Kalamata is equipped with an advanced 1.5Τ MRI, spiral CT and X-Ray / Fluoroscopy system, Color Doppler Ultrasound, a Conventional Digital Mammography system & Bone Mineral Densitometer from GE Healthcare as well as an Advanced Digital Mammography system. In early 2014 a fully equipped clinical Lab was added, in order to offer extended services to the patients of the Center. 
The centre has been serving Messinia patients since 1991 and is considered a point of reference for healthcare services in the area.

2. The second multimodality diagnostic center is Affidea Piraeus Imaging Centre, which became part of the group in December 2005 as well. The centre moved to new, very prestigious facilities on Akti Moutsopoulou, in September 2006, and was equipped with new advanced medical equipment. Affidea Piraeus Imaging was founded in 1991 and comprises a reference center to date for the Piraeus, South Attiki and Aegean island area.
Currently, Affidea Piraeus Imaging is equipped with an advanced 1.5Τ MRI, an advanced multislice (64-slice) CT, an X-Ray system, two digital Color Doppler Ultrasound systems, an advanced Digital Mammography system, a Bone Mineral Densitometer and a cardiology department.

3. In April 2006, Affidea Kavala became part of the group. The centre was founded in 1998 and is well-known for offering outstanding medical services to the city of Kavala and the wider area of East Macedonia. The centre is equipped with advanced 1.5T MRI, a spiral CT, a digital Color Doppler Ultrasound and a Bone mineral Densitometer. Additionally, a digitized Mammography system, an X-Ray system, a Panoramic X-Ray and a fully equipped clinical laboratory were added once the center moved to new modern facilities in the city’s downtown area.

4. In October 2006, Affidea welcomed the fifth centre in its network, namely Affidea Kozani Imaging Centre, which is located in the city of Kozani and covers the wider west Macedonia area. 
Affidea Kozani Imaging was founded in 2003 and is currently equipped with an advanced 1.5Τ MRI, an X-Ray system, a digital Color Doppler Ultrasound, a Bone Mineral Densitometer, Panoramic X-ray and the first Digital Mammography system in Macedonia. An advanced multislice (64-slice) CT and a fully equipped clinical laboratory were later added to the services.

5. Affidea Chania was the sixth centre to become part of Affidea Greece in November 2006. Affidea Chania is a multimodality diagnostic centre offering advanced imaging and laboratory medical services to the entire western Crete area since 1991. 
It is established in an independent building at city’s central square (Dikastirion Square), which was completely renovated in 2007 with the addition of new state-of-the-art equipment. The center is equipped with advanced 1.5T MRI 1, a spiral CT, a Nuclear Medicine Department (gamma camera), one digital Color Doppler Ultrasound system, a Digital Mammography unit, a Bone Mineral Densitometer and an X-ray unit, as well as a clinical laboratory.

6. Affidea Crete Medical is the seventh and largest centre to become a member of the Affidea Greece Group in June 2007.
Affidea Crete Medical is a model multimodality diagnostic centre established in a modern building on city’s central square (Eleftherias Square), in the Heraklion downtown area, in Crete.
It is one of the first diagnostic centers in Greece, offering outstanding medical services since 1987, while holding a prominent position throughout the country as the most significant private healthcare institution on the island.
Affidea Crete Medical was completely renovated in 2008 both in terms of facilities and equipment. The centre is equipped with an advanced 1.5T MRI, an open 0.4 T MRI, an advanced multislice (64-slice) CT, a Gamma camera, four digital Color Doppler Ultrasound and Echocardiography units, a Digital Mammography system, a Cardiological Department, an X-Ray system, a Bone Mineral Densitometer and a fully deployed clinical laboratory. This centre comprises the telemedicine center for Crete using modern diagnostic workstations and a telemedicine system.

7. In August 2007, Affidea Greece founded its network’s eighth reference diagnostic centre in Thessaloniki of northern Greece.
Affidea Thessaloniki is established in a model facility in the city’s downtown area across from the new Mayor’s Hall, with excellent access for anyone visiting the city centre.
The centre is equipped with advanced 1.5T MRI, an advanced multislice (64-slice) CT, the first Digital Mammography system in the city, three digital and one mobile Color Doppler Ultrasound and Echocardiography systems, a Cardiology Department, a Bone Mineral Densitometer and a Panoramic X-Ray system. The center is also equipped with an X-ray Radiology/Fluoroscopy unit and a fully equipped clinical laboratory. A new Department of Tomosynthesis was launch in 2016, in order to provide the patients of Thessaloniki with 3-D digital mammography, with imaging system C-View, for low radiation dose.
Affidea Thessaloniki comprises the telemedicine centre of northern Greece, using contemporary diagnostic stations and telemedicine system.

8.In November 2007 Affidea Sparti became part of the Affidea Greece group. Affidea Sparti is a multimodality diagnostic centre that has been consistently serving Lakonia patients since 1992. In August 2008, the centre moved into new, very modern facilities equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment in an independent building in the downtown Sparta area. Affidea Sparti is equipped with an advanced 1.5T MRI, an advanced multislice (4-slice) CT, a two-head Gamma camera, two digital Color Doppler Ultrasounds, a Panoramic X-Ray, a Bone Mineral Densitometer, a digital Mammography system and an X-ray unit. In addition, the center has a Radiology Immunoassay (RIA) Department and a fully equipped clinical laboratory.

9. In July 2008 Affidea Vari became the 10th center of the Affidea Greece group. Affidea Vari is a model diagnostic centre located in the southeast Attiki area. It was founded in 2006 and in a period of three years, became a reference centre in the area. 
Affidea Vari is equipped with an advanced 1.5Τ MRI, an advanced multislice (6-slice) CT, an advanced two head Gamma camera, a Panoramic X-Ray, a Digitized Radiology/Fluoroscopy unit and a Digital Mammography System. The centre is also equipped with two Digital Ultrasound and Echocardiography Systems and a Bone Mineral Densitometer, as well as a clinical laboratory.

10. Affidea Kozani CT became a member of the Affidea Greece group in July 2008. Affidea Kozani is the first CT centre in the city of Kozani, which has been in operation and offering high-quality services since 1992. The centre is equipped with a spiral CT. The CT equipment from the previous centre was replaced at the beginning of 2016 with a 64-slice refurbished machine, appropriate for cardiac CT examinations. Affidea Kozani Cardiac CT Centre offers highly specialized cardiac CT services, altogether unavailable in the entire region and rather hard to come by at all. This means that the all-new CT centre offers services to a catchment area of approx. 2.1m inhabitants.

11. In September 2008 Affidea Greece founded an advanced clinical laboratory in the city of Piraeus, next to Affidea Piraeus Imaging Centre.
Affidea Piraeus Lab is fully equipped with an automated clinical chemistry and immunology analyzer, automated hematology analyzer of 22 parameters and a urine analyzer, as well as an automated homeostasis and coagulation system. It offers all the Clinical Chemistry, Immunology, Electrolyte, Cardiac, Hormonology, Cancer, Bone Markers and Blood Daisies, Coagulation Parameters and Hematology analysis exams.

12. Affidea Psychico began its operations in December 2008, focusing mainly in providing diagnostic examinations for women and children. The centre is located in a very prominent part of Athens, close to major public as well as private hospitals. In June 2011, Affidea Psychico became the 12th centre of Affidea in Greece. The centre currently provides a wide range of examinations, operating six Color Doppler Ultrasound systems (two mobile), one Digital Mammo and one Bone Densitometer. Recently, a laboratory department was added to the centre as well as an advanced 1.5T MRI.

13. Affidea Kozani Lab became a member of the Affidea Greece group in March 2014, providing clinical laboratory examinations in modern facilities and a fully equipped laboratory. The laboratory's objectives are to provide the best medical services to patients and to take responsibility for any clinical problem.

14. Affidea Dafni was founded in May 2015, providing specialised clinical laboratory and ultrasound examinations to adults and children of all ages, constituting an additional competitive advantage in the area of Athens city centre. A specially designed blood collection room, as well as toys for children's entertainment in the waiting area, the specialist medical and scientific staff, and the state-of-the-art equipment, guarantee the highest levels of medical care are provided. The centre is located in a shopping mall, opposite the Dafni metro station, which is a connecting point of all public transport from the centre to east Attica.

15. Glyfada The new center in the south suburbs of Athens strengthens our long-standing reputation for excellent patient service and our competitive advantage in the region. Both of these truly emphasize in our dedication to high-quality medical specialty care and in continually improving patient experience. In addition to an ultramodern biopathology laboratory, Affidea Glyfada offers state-of-art technology for breast and digital mammography as well as ultrasound units and digital X-ray.


16. Kifissia Situated in the northern suburbs of Athens, the new center in Kifissia is the first center in the area to introduce state-of-art technology for breast and cardio MRI imaging as well as digital mammography with tomosynthesis and offers complete imaging services with a 128-slice CT, multi-parametric ultrasound units and digital X-ray. A biopathology laboratory completes the diagnostic services offering immediate and reliable results for patients.


17. Peristeri Affidea Peristeri Diagnostic Center has been operating since 2010. It is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and specialized personnel as a comprehensive Primary Health Care Unit. Its diagnostic departments cover the entire range of laboratory exams, such as microbiological, biochemical, virological, as well as the set of imaging examinations in the Department of Ultrasound, CT, Mammography and Osteoporosis (DXA). In addition, there is a Department of Preventive Control and basic medical specialties such as pathology, cardiology, otolaryngology, orthopedics, endocrinology, ophthalmology, dermatology, gynecology.


18. Athens Affidea ​Athens was founded in 1972, known then as Bio-Check International SA, in the Hilton area, and was one of the first well-organized and reliable medical diagnostic centers in Greece. In 2009, it was appended to the HYGEIA Group's potential and renamed HYGEIANET, whereas in December 2017 was acquired by the Affidea Group. The center offers medical services with high quality and focus on personalized prevention and reliable diagnosis of health problems. In Affidea Athens, there is a Department of Digital Mammography, Osteoporosis (DXA) and Radiology, as well as basic medical and clinical specialties such as cardiology, pathology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, endocrinology, orthopedics and dermatology.


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24100 Kalamata, Greece
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Mrs. Evriklia Koboti

60 Akti Moutsopoulou str.
18536 Piraeus, Greece
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Mrs. Sammy Skoura

4 Ethnikis Antistaseos str.
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21 M. Dimtsa str.
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45 Eleftherias sq. (Electra Bld)
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6-8 Vasileos Georgiou str.
54640 Thessaloniki, Greece
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80 Gortsologou str.
23100 Sparta, Greece
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40-42 Varis-Koropiou Av.
16672 Vari, Greece
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3 Hippokratous str.
50100 Kozani, Greece
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58 Akti Moutsopoulou str.
18536 Piraeus, Greece
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28 Adrianiou & A.Veaki str.
115 25 Neo Psihiko, Greece
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226 Vouliagmenis Ave. & Ag. Dimitriou str.
17343 Agios Dimitrios, Greece
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Mrs. Maria Nikolaidi

1 Zisimopoulou & Poseidonos Ave.
16674 Glyfada , Greece
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190 Kifissias Ave.
145 62 Kifissia, Greece
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177 Thivon
121 34 Peristeri, Greece
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1 Ventiri
115 28 Athens, Greece
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