CMO Blog: Reform Health Conference 2017​


Affidea’s Chief Medical Officer: Dr Rowland Illing 
Affidea’s Chief Medical Officer: Dr Rowland Illing

On 9th March 2017, I took part in Reform’s Health Conference in London. Panels at this annual gathering included “NHS reform at pace and scale”, Sustainability & Transformation Plans and Workplace Health as well as the Better Care for Less panel where I was guest speaker on behalf of Affidea.

UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, as keynote speaker, focused his speech on patient safety at the forefront of NHS policy. He also talked about his plans for the future including the promotion of a culture of openness within healthcare.

The “Better Care for Less” Panel was also headed by: Dr Penelope Dash, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company Sir David Dalton, CEO of Salford Royal NHS Trust and recipient of NHS CEO of the Year; and Lord Carter of Coles, author of “Operational Productivity and Performance in English NHS acute hospitals: Unwarranted variations”  - a report into how the NHS can increase efficiency right across the board, saving £5 billion each year by 2020/21.

I also spoke about smart procurement within Affidea - the classification and “banding” of our technology and clinical centres to determine our current capabilities and predict our future needs - as well as I also touching upon the idea of smart redistribution of our diagnostic imaging equipment over the 17 countries in our network and how this really sets up apart from any other healthcare provider.


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