Dose Excellence


At any Affidea medical centre, patient safety is a primary concern. Many procedures are in place to protect patients’ wellbeing and secure the best possible medical outcome. Below are some of the key steps Affidea has taken to provide organisational safety standards throughout all of its centres and to each and every one of its patients.

CT and Dose at Affidea

CT is a diagnostic imaging technique that utilises X-ray radiation to produce detailed images of internal structures of the body. The levels of radiation dose required to produce diagnostic images depend on various factors such as the age and BMI of the patient, but also the region of the body being imaged. Examination protocols must therefore be defined by a select group of experts.             

What we do to protect our patients

Affidea has launched a company-wide Dose Excellence Campaign to make its CT scans as safe as possible.

The Dose Excellence Campaign

Affidea is committed to minimising radiation dose levels, however, a certain amount of radiation dose is required to provide the detailed images needed for diagnosis. We therefore follow the ALARA Principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) when it comes to radiation dose. This is achieved by:

  •   Using world class medical equipment, which undergoes regular maintenance checks and upgrades in accordance with strict company standards
  •   Subjecting our equipment to rigorous quality controls carried out by medical specialists
  •   Tracking patients’ dose and checking cumulative dose to provide insightful, actionable information to adjust dose settings
  •   Training staff in optimising the CT protocol parameters to deliver the lowest radiation dose to the patient without compromising image quality.

We care for you more than you know

For Affidea patient safety is a priority, therefore we are rolling out our Dose Excellence Campaign to every CT centre in our network. A Dose Excellence site incorporates: 

1) Increasing radiation dose awareness, so that everyone at the site is committed to our dose optimisation policy.

2) A dedicated dose team to review recorded dose data, optimise protocols and develop best practices. The team includes a radiologist, a senior technologist, a medical physicist and a clinical application specialist.

3) Transparency: answering your questions and communicating on dose and on our practices.


For patients

For referring doctors