Giuseppe Recchi, Affidea CEO: Happy International Day of Radiology!

Today we are celebrating the seventh International Day of Radiology, which marks a remarkable 123 years since Wilhelm Röntgen discovered x-rays. Today is all about raising global awareness of the value that radiology contributes to early and proper diagnosis, patient care, and improving understanding of the vital role it plays in the healthcare ecosystem.

This is an important opportunity to celebrate the millions of lives we save every year, but also to highlight the exceptional work that we all undertake on a daily basis at Affidea.

I am extremely proud that we, at Affidea, are at the forefront of driving forward innovation and advances in radiology. We undertake 13 million scans every year across our 246 centres and we are awarded by the European Society for our continuous focus on patient safety, more than 50% of the awarded centres on the Eurosafe Wall of Stars being Affidea centres.

Benefitting from our European network of expertise, with more than 7500 professional in 16 countries, the best medical technology and a continuous focus on digital healthcare, we are able to support and enhance the advancements in radiology, speeding up diagnoses, making them more accurate and offering an outstanding patient experience.

Medical imaging has come a very long way in 123 years, and at Affidea we look forward to continue playing a significant role in its future. We’re proud to working with over 7500 professionals in 16 different countries, contributing to saving millions of lives every year.

Happy International Day of Radiology to everyone!