In June 2008, Affidea began operations in Bulgaria, its 14th country of operation, with the acquisition of Dr. Vitanov’s Imaging Diagnostic Centre (now Affidea Diagnostics Sofia) located on the grounds of the National Oncology Center in Sofia.

The centre has a highly-respected reputation for providing modern, quality imaging diagnostic services and has served the community for nearly three years. Affidea Diagnostics Sofia currently provides Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) diagnostic investigations with plans to broaden its modalities in the near future. The center, headed by Dr. Deliverski and his team, performs more than 2,000 diagnostic investigations annually.

Affidea Diagnostics Sofia
6 “Plovdivsko pole” Str.
On the grounds of the National Oncology Center
Tel.: +359 2/ 873 39 44; +359 2/ 807 63 41 
Mobile: +359 884 350 316; +359 884 350 364 
E-mail: medcenter.sofia[at]affidea.com
Web: www.affidea.bg

In February 2009, Affidea opened a second diagnostic center in Bulgaria – Affidea Bulgaria MDL, Pleven. It is located in the city of Pleven, the second largest city in Northern Bulgaria with a population of more than 150,000. In October 2008, Affidea won the public tender for the privatization of the hospital’s MRI modality in the Regional Medical Center. The University Hospital is the referent for the central-northern part of the country. The company has upgraded the facility with a new 1.5 T Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) modality manufactured by Siemens Medical Systems. Affidea Bulgaria MDL, Pleven is headed by Dr. Niagolova and together with her team performs more than 3,000 diagnostic investigations annually. 

Affidea Bulgaria MDL, Pleven 5800
91 “Gen. Vladimir Vazov” Str.
Second clinical base 
Tel.: +359 64/ 88 66 88, +359 64/ 88 67 07
Tel/fax: +359 64/ 82 02 08 
Mobile: +359 884 350 572 
E-mail: medcenter.pleven[at]affidea.com
Web: www.affidea.bg

On March 9, 2009, Affidea acquired the MRI lab Mediscan Stara Zagora in the city of Stara Zagora, a University town in south-central part of the country with 170,000 inhabitants. 
Mediscan Stara Zagora is built on the premises of the Central University Hospital and will examine in/out patients as well as trauma emergencies. The University Hospital is the referent for the south-central part of the country and is equipped with a 1.5 T Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) modalities. Mediscan Stara Zagora is headed by Dr. Lesov who, together with his staff of six medical professionals, performs more than 4,500 diagnostic investigations annually. 

SMDLOD MEDISCAN - Stara Zagora 6000
0 ”Gen. Stoletov” Blvd. 
Entrance: Emergency Center , 2nd floor 
Tel. +359 42/630 104; +359 42/698 539
Mobile: +359 884 350 274
E-mail: mediscan[at]affidea.com
Web: www.affidea.bg

In August 2010, Affidea opened its second diagnostic center in Sofia, located on the premises of Private Hospital Doverie in Ovcha Kupel district. 
The center is equipped with last generation Magnetic Resonance (MR) modality manufactured by GE. The MR modality is with 1.5 Tesla magnetic field and the latest software versions, which allows visualization of all anatomical areas with very high image quality.
The medical staff is highly trained and works in close collaboration with other hospital structures. Affidea has contracted with the National Health Fund plus most of the Private Insurance Funds. 

Affidea Diagnostics Sofia 
Ovcha Kupel 2 District, 18 Quadrant
On the grounds of the Private Hospital Doverie
Tel.: +359 2 873 39 44; 
Mobile: +359 884 350 571
E-mail: rezonans.doverie[at]affidea.com
Web: www.affidea.bg